Location - The heart of the community

Commuter Friendly

Our location is 71 Blaxland Road in Rhodes. The daily drop-off and pick-up is super easy, via Concord Rd.

At the heart of the community, our convenient location makes the morning and afternoon transitions smooth sailing, for commuting parents and local families.

Cherry Bridge Station values community connections, and you’ll find the centre’s centrality and convenience to Rhodes a big plus in getting errands done, heading to the gym, taking bigger kids to nearby play and leisure centres, or even getting to the dentist.

We love GFitness, just around the corner, and visiting Sydney Olympic Park is always a fun activity after picking up the kids in the afternoon. You’ll find quality local health and medical services nearby too.


Designed for Kids

Built-in fun, safe and secure

It’s great to know, when you walk into Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes, that every element of the Centre’s design has been made with your child in mind. Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes is shaped to an optimised layout. It’s modern, comfy – and loads of fun!

Warm, tactile, bright and homely, light-filled indoor spaces are furnished with natural textures and elements that appeal to the imagination. We created a cosy vibe, with a range of textiles and textures, like funky rugs and throw cushions, which helps your child make the transition between child care and home.

Comfort year-round is taken care of with controlled temperature environments – not only does this make life easier but it insulates our children against weather extremes and potential health issues. There are separate spaces for resting, sleeping and toileting, which helps your child to know where they are up to, in their daily routine. 


Public holidays are free​

At Cherry Bridge Station, we know it’s important for families to stay on top of the household budget. We are committed to transparent pricing and you only pay for the days your child attends. A bonus for our families – care on public holidays is always provided FREE.


We only use Huggies nappies

You want the best for your child, so we made the call to use only use the best nappies. Huggies are Australia’s favourite nappy and we provide them exclusively at CBS Rhodes, with no extra charge.  

Providing quality nappies makes your child’s daily routine easier – and it works better for us too. Including free Huggies means there’s one less thing to worry about in the morning before leaving the house. It’s just another thing we do, to help support our families.  


We love to learn Mandarin

Community, diversity, strong cultural identity and inclusion are all part of being at Cherry Bridge Station. All kinds of communities are part of the everyday experience at Rhodes, and this supports every child’s learning and growing journey. 

Our educators are bilingual, are from a range of cultural backgrounds and are familiar with different kinds of family structure – because everybody’s family is different! Most importantly, we walk the talk by incorporating these values into all of our educational programs.

At Rhodes, we take Mandarin classes every week and we celebrate lots of the important dates in our calendar – including Chinese New Year, Diwali and NAIDOC Week. Got another fun festival to celebrate? Let us know!


Room to Run!

Outdoor play spaces & indoor quiet zones

Nurturing Social, Emotional, Physical Growth

Wonder-filled days are made from exploration and imagination – and great playgrounds! Outdoor play areas that stimulate the senses as well as offering spaces for quiet play, are a key feature of our play spaces, designed to cater for every age group.

Cubbies! Trike tracks! Sandpits! …Craft zone? Whichever way you play, Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes is set up for fun and outdoor play. Each day, your child will engage in structured and free play sessions, which form part of the daily routine.

Outdoor play looks different at different age levels. Holistically-designed play spaces incorporate soft landings and curved structures that make adventurous play accessible and more risk-averse – with fun as the main focus.

A Place for Every Child

Water play brings an enormous range of benefits to growing minds. Plus – it’s fun! Our water features encourage the kind of natural delight and curiosity that helps foster social, emotional and physical growth.

Sun care is of paramount concern for children growing up in Rhodes – that’s why it is a major part of our day. Taking steps to good sun habits for life is an important part of our sunscreen policy. We have sunscreen stations at every entrance and we all apply it when it’s time to head outdoors. Our shade sails make outdoor play available for more months in the year, without the worry of exposure to too much sun.

Outdoor play areas offer a colourful, exciting variety of experiences which are varied each day. Sometimes your child might love to stick to that one favourite thing, and sometimes we encourage trying new things. Rhodes kids love playing on the hill, bridge and tunnel! There are activities that are stimulating and some that are reflective. We like to ensure that free play gives your child the opportunity to choose, try, and experience at their own pace.



Age-stage learning.

Their education journey starts right here​

The African proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ has new significance in the local, global communities that modern families occupy. With so much more available information, it’s important that your child’s learning journey starts right. Cherry Bridge Station offers early education programs that nurture young minds, across all stages of growth, development and differing ability.
At Rhodes, we have six specialist rooms, each dedicated to an age-stage, from young babies to school-ready pre-schoolers. Learning with peers, our children experience a curriculum that is tailored to meet them on their own terms: socially, physically and intellectually. With the benefit of a dedicated educator, learning programs can be adapted to meet the needs of every child, ensuring their learning journey stays on track.
Individual routines are also a big part of our day-to-day practice. We work with parents to match up where your child is at, with important areas such as toilet training, communication, resting and playing, so that each child can benefit from the care environment while still getting what they individually need.
Familiarity and consistency of our carers and educators is a key distinctive at Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes. With established relationships and regular contact, your child will flourish. Our specialised early childhood carers and educators provide one-on-one attention and responsive care, in a nourishing and homely environment, each day, every day.
These early years zip by so fast! Education programs at Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes are structured to nurture independence, develop good communication, grow solid social skills and meet those stage-specific milestones. Age-based learning means that your child’s daily educational programs, both indoors and out, are built for their age group and shared with their peers. At Rhodes, we shape our rooms like this:

Age 0-1 years Room

Snuggly Steamers

A Snuggly Steamer requires lots of nurturing and interaction, in which to grow and be. The ideal environment for developmental growth includes a balanced blend of experiences and a consistent, attentive approach.

Our focus is with each child, building the foundations for language and discovering gross-motor and fine-motor skills. We role-model emotional growth with caring, positive interactions and engagement.

Our nursery is created to provide a safe and home-like environment, with separate cot rooms and a cosy, relaxing and comfortable sleep area for babies. By attending to individual needs, Cherry Bridge Station educators and carers ensure your child’s evolving routine is met, with an optimum balance of stimulation and rest.

Snuggly Steamers love being at Cherry Bridge Station, and our educators and carers make sure that their time with us meets the optimum standards for Quality Childcare for Babies, in line with Australian government National Quality Framework and Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority Guidelines.

Age 1-2 years Room

Little Steamers

We’re walking and talking now! With more mobility and communication, peer engagement forms a big part of social growth at this age. We do lots of parallel play and start to grasp the concept of turn-taking. Activity is encouraged as gross motor skills and curiosity collide! We work to develop each child’s ability to maneuver their way around the environment in safety.

Consistency around daily rhythms and routines is important, in ensuring your child’s individual needs are met. At enrolment, families provide daily routine information, detailing your child’s current routines for feeding, sleeping and playing. This important information helps educators to work with your child’s established daily pattern. The awesome CBS App offers parents connectedness to your child’s activity, meals and rest, throughout the day.

For a Snuggly Steamer, play programs include a range of sensory experiences that are stimulating and engaging, with different textures, sounds and natural materials. We ensure that a day’s play provides opportunities for all developmental capabilities to be engaged and extended. Rest rhythms are taken in a safe and home-like environment, with separate cot rooms for cosy sleep time.

Age 2-3 years Room

Barrelling Boilers

Now we’re talking! At this age, children are fascinated by their environment – everything is new! And adults have a lot of explaining to do! Cherry Bridge Station educators find days in the Barrelling Boilers room are filled with talking . . . lots and lots of talking. Your child’s language development is likely to be skyrocketing right about now. Our educators look for different ways to extend their language skills every day, both in learning and play sessions, encouraging your child to use this strong foundation as a tool for navigating those new experiences.

Play activities are created with education goals and independence in mind, while sparking their imaginations with peer-related games such as pretend play. Education programs are activity-based and cover mathematics concepts, self-help skills, negotiating socially, dealing with challenges and making choices.

Barrelling Boilers are encouraged to learn to use the bathroom independently, with assistance and guidance. Boilers love to be independent, so they help out with some small daily chores, which also helps them to build a sense of place and purpose within their community.

Age 3-4 years Room

Doting Drivers

Level up! This stage we focus on preparing children for the preschool program, at 4-5 years age stage. Doting Drivers love socialising and learning to interact with new friends. This stage is about expanding social skills and learning different ways of being social, in groups and independently. Educators engage those growing language skills with increasingly complex vernacular. Language development comes further into play, in building friendships and problem-solving.

This important social stage in the learning journey is where a growing awareness of rules and boundaries are balanced with curiosity and exploration. Educators focus on encouraging co-operation with others, enhanced prosocial skills, taking care of friends and making and following simple rules. We actively encourage kindness towards each other, as part of building solid foundations for personal growth and self-reflection.

Structured and more complex play activities help to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, independence and confidence. Doting Drivers begin to develop interests that help them discover and inhabit their own identities.

Age 4-5 years Room

The Clever Conductors

Clever Conductors are really-nearly ready for school! It’s all about Kindergarten preparedness, in our education programming. Clever Conductors prepare for kindergarten by learning skills that will help them feel more confident and settled at primary school – including familiarity with education technology and structured learning environments.

The program is a fun, comprehensive approach to letter and number recognition, sight words, basic science concepts, reflective thinking and applied strategies for solving problems. Whether it’s counting backwards, tying a shoelace or telling a story, school-readiness learning takes place alongside self-awareness, structured play and individual interests.

Our Clever Conductors get ready to take the leap, with small and large group story sharing, drawing and writing, learning about colours, shapes and numbers, developing personal and communal responsibilities and caring for their own belongings, problem-solving, self-help skills and social interaction with their peers.

Cherry Bridge Station School Readiness curriculum is developed to cover National Educational Standards (NESA) and includes all the requirements that need to be met before it’s time to go to Big School.


Eating right - All Meals included

...from Apples to Zucchinis

Growing Healthy Habits for Life

When we talk about children’s health and nutrition, it gets personal.

Cherry Bridge Station takes children’s health and nutrition to heart. Eating habits for life are established in early childhood years, which is why our health and nutrition policies and practices are based on a firm foundation of setting up good food habits – for life.

Your child’s meals are created onsite every day in our professional kitchens. Like your home, our kitchens are at the heart of our centre’s design. You can pop your head in and say hi to the cook.

Every day at Rhodes, our eating program links healthy snacks to healthy activity. We focus especially on food allergies and dietary requirements, and all our Centres are nut free zones. Cherry Bridge Station celebrates cultural diversity by catering to the needs of every one of our families; our meal options include Halal and vegetarian dietary requirements.

Our programs and activities always include a water station, to ensure hydration is never a concern. As part of our policy – to ensure inclusivity and healthy eating habits for life – we ensure every child’s dietary needs are met, with balanced meals and fresh food.

We don’t do sweetened drinks or frozen, pre-packaged food. We do not use reheated frozen meals.

We do fresh fruit breaks, milk, and balanced meals that offer balanced nutrition as well as simple, clean, appealing flavours.

You don’t need to worry about whether your child is getting their daily nutrition needs met – everything they eat gets logged for you to check over, which is also accessible from our Cherry Bridge Station App. Our families find this super helpful, in managing household cooking and avoiding duplication at home!

Our meals are made onsite

Good eating habits are a key part of our educational programs. As the heart of our centre, meal planning, preparation and service forms a major part of our quality of care, and your child’s daily routine at Cherry Bridge Station.

With no need to outsource catering, all meals are made freshly on the premises in our fully equipped kitchen. Quality ingredients include lean meats and chicken, fresh vegetables and fruits with a minimal amount of processed or frozen foods.

All Special Dietary Requirements Are Catered For

Fresh drinking water is always available, and milk is served at various times throughout the day. Our cooks hold qualifications in Nutrition and Menu Planning and Safe Food Handling. Allergy management is a top priority and all educators are trained in managing anaphylaxis. We take care to monitor and cater to special dietary needs and requirements, so that you know your child’s dietary requirements are a priority of care.

Daily Nutritional Monitoring

Cherry Bridge Station centres are nut-free zones. Meals include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late afternoon snack. These meals are designed to meet 70% of your child’s total daily nutritional needs. You can see daily menus on the Cherry Bridge Station app, which also records how much food your child eats each day.


Our Nurturing Educators are the Best

Simply the Best

We believe that Early Childcare practitioners and educators need to be passionate about what they do. Our exceptional staff work with us because we know that educators who care for children, as opposed to just doing a job, provide a much better quality and consistency of care.

This means your child’s daily experience at Rhodes is made up of caring professionals who want to be there, providing quality childcare, and helping our centres to lift the bar in achieving our goals.
The best thing about this framework is that the goals of Cherry Bridge Station are aligned with what our parents want.

  • Caring staff make for more settled rooms and spaces
  • Children have personal space, for their growing voices to be heard
  • A confident child reaches goals and milestones faster
  • Daily Carers can become a consistent part of your child’s daily life
  • Consistent care creates an opportunity to catch any challenges or issues that may arise
  • Quality care supports parents to realise your family goals and needs
  • Working closely with families keeps your good work going, throughout the working day

Cherry Bridge Station staff are:

  • Professional, qualified and exceptional
  • Selected based on experience. Being genuinely caring is also a key selection criterion for each of our staff.
  • Undertake regular review and training, to maintain Early Years Learning Framework currency and to keep up with the latest developments and best practice in early childhood education.
  • Constantly reviewing our programs, planning and resources, towards continuous improvement.

Featured Staff - Supervisor


My name is Nancy and I have worked in childcare for 7 years.
I am diploma qualified and the Nominated Supervisor at Cherry Bridge Station, Rhodes. I feel blessed to be able to lead a fantastic team of educators to scaffold children’s learning and development.

I believe families and our local communities are integral to children’s lives and learning, hence, focusing on experiences of being together enabling belonging. I believe children learn through play and are active learners, who make a significant contribution to the world.

CBS Rhodes creates a perfect environment for children to discover and develop. We promote a positive disposition for learning and engaging in play-based-education enables children to grow a sense of being and individuality.

Children develop through differing contexts, which stem from the places in which they live and learn.

This is the core of self-discovery and is central to growing and becoming. I endeavour to inspire children in early education, allowing them the opportunity to lay solid foundations for their future.


We speak your Language

Multi-lingual staff with 21 languages

Community, diversity, strong cultural identity and inclusion are all part of being at Cherry Bridge Station. All kinds of communities are part of the everyday experience at Rhodes, and this supports every child’s learning and growing journey.

Our educators are bilingual and come from a range of cultural backgrounds and are familiar with different kinds of family structure – because everybody’s family is different! Most importantly, we walk the talk by incorporating these values into all of our educational programs.


Growing in the Garden

At Cherry Bridge Station Rhodes, our garden grows with veggies, herbs, flowers and edible plants.

We take every opportunity to involve children in the experience of watering, growing and harvesting produce from the garden. Our kitchen scraps go into feeding the worm farm, which fertilises our plants.

We find that children just love to spend time in the garden, picking edible plants for the kitchen and watching things grow. Everyone has a special part to play in our little community garden.


Keep in Touch - Get the App

We know that as parents, you are keen to know all about your child’s experiences throughout the day. The Cherry Bridge Station App, enables parents and carers to access real-time notifications about your child’s daily eating, sleeping and play routines, every day. You know your child is in the best possible care, with the option to access and receive relevant notes and images throughout the care session, so that you don’t miss a thing.

With the Cherry Bridge Station App, you know that the interactions, experiences and environments your child encounters meet and exceed established best practice guidelines for Child Care in Rhodes. Behind the scenes, our educators and carers develop programs, play experiences and health and nutrition for your child that also incorporate current research and early childhood studies for delivering optimum quality of care.

Follow your child’s day, monitor their routine, get real-time notifications, or just rest assured that you can check in any time you like, for updates, messages and news.